Rhydd Barn

New items for Rhydd Barn

Examples of some of the new items we have purchased

During, on our own recent (August 2019) stay in Rhydd Barn, we took the opportunity to add or update some of the items in the Barn.

The current fridge is rather small so we purchased another, second, fridge for the Barn which is located in the pigsty next to the freezer.

We replaced some smaller kitchen items which were worn or not working so well. There is now a new kettle, toaster, omelette pan, tin opener, and a new set of downstairs drinks’ coasters.

We have ordered a small ‘compost caddy’ to place on the kitchen work surface for easier disposal of waste food for organic recycling. We hope to have this in place within a week or so.

We purchased a couple of USB charging plugs and recently replaced the carbon monoxide detectors.

We also now have two plug-in night lights which switch on automatically when it is dark.

Outside we modified the flower bed by the entrance gate to the Barn, replacing some plants and using Malvern stone to make it more like a small rockery.


VsitEngland 4-star gold award logo

We are extremely pleased to announce that Rhydd Barn has (again) attained the Four Star Gold Award standard in its annual assessment carried out on 17 April 2019.

Highlights from the assessment are listed on the 2019 Assessment web page of this site. Here is a quote from the summary:

Rhydd Barn continues to offer a high standard of comfortable well maintained accommodation for its market. Mrs Boaz, the Proprietor is very much to be commended on the continued investment and maintaining of standards helping ensure that the high standards continue to be maintained. It is therefore a pleasure to once again reconfirm the Four Star Self catering rating with Gold Award for the coming year reflecting the care and attention afforded by the Proprietor.

A well-deserved award (and reward) for Rosemary (owner of Rhydd Barn, shown below) and her team for all their hard work.

Rosemary, Rhydd Barn owner
Rosemary outside Rhydd Barn

Ironwork painted

The ironwork around Rhydd Barn has all been re-painted. This includes the gutters and downpipes of the barn and converted pigsty and the metal handrail on the outside steps of the barn. Our decorator took the photographs below of the completed work.

painted ironwork 01
Rhydd Barn—newly painted iron gutters and downpipes
painted ironwork 02
Rhydd Barn—newly painted handrail of outside steps
painted ironwork 03
Rhydd Barn—newly painted iron gutter and downpipe of the pigsty

Rhydd Barn update

IN RESPONSE to guest requests we have installed two USB charging sockets in the Barn for your phones, tablets, etc—one downstairs in the kitchen/dining area and the other in the upstairs living room.

There is a new suitcase stand stored at the bottom of the bedroom wardrobe and spare blankets are now stored in a protective bag (as recommended at our last inspection). A second shoe and boot tray has been added downstairs.

Plant pots replanted on patio

Outside, we have filled the flower tubs and baskets with completely fresh compost and replanted them. We think something in the soil was negatively affecting their growth last year.

Flower baskets replanted on pigsty

All gutters and down-pipes are being re-painted with Hammerite metal paint, as is the handrail of the Barn’s outside steps.

Guests have already expressed their appreciation of the new mattress on the bed and the champagne flutes.

Improvements to Rhydd Barn

We have been busy improving and repairing items around Rhydd Barn. For example:

  • The outside walls and window woodwork have been re-decorated.
  • New security lights have been fitted at a lower level with LEDs to reduce power consumption and give good visibility around the barn in the dark.
  • A new top quality mattress replaces the mattress on the double bed.
  • New roasting pans have been purchased.
  • Primroses and fritillaries are multiplying in the wildflower meadow and are now looking very attractive.
  • Tubs and baskets have been refreshed with new plants for the spring season.
  • We now have champagne glasses in the Barn!

Please note that candles are not permitted in the Barn for fire safety reasons.


We are extremely pleased to announce that Rhydd Barn has (again) attained the four star gold award standard in its annual assessment (carried out on 20 April 2018).

Here are a few highlights quoted directly from the report:

  • A great location for exploring the Malvern Hills and surrounding area.
  • The Proprietor is to be congratulated on the continued investment. This past year as well as ongoing redecoration.
  • The repainting of the exterior render and woodwork helping to greatly \”lift\” overall initial impressions.
  • Recently re positioned external lighting along with the fitting of LED bulbs greatly enhancing access to the barn and very much to be commended.
  • Also excellent to see that a new toilet has been fitted in the upstairs en suite along with flooring having been sanded and re vanished.
  • A new mattress also having been purchased for the double bed and sure to be appreciated by both new and returning guests.
  • New roasting pans also having been provided this year.
  • Special mention should also be given for the very high standards of cleanliness noted on this visit, and for which Ms Boaz and the team are to be congratulated.

Time to get out our (also newly acquired for the Barn) champagne glasses!’

New toilet installed

new toilet

IN our ensuite bathroom a crack developed in the toilet seat. Unfortunately it was not possible to just replace the seat itself (‘no longer manufactured…’, ‘odd size toilet…’, etc) so a whole new and attractive toilet was installed. Since the photo was taken the floorboards have been improved around the base by sanding down and varnishing.

Snow at Rhydd Barn!

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