Rhydd Barn

Wildlife at Rhydd Barn

barn owl
Barn Owl (from wikimedia.org)

We receive some lovely ‘thank you’ letters and emails from our visitors. Here, with their permission, is an extract from a recent email:

Dear Rosemary,

Thank you so much for letting us stay in The Barn over Christmas and for returning our tidiness deposit – received today.
We had a few treats courtesy of Mother Nature. We were visited by a pheasant who peered in through the arched window then minced round and had a further look through the door before marching off down the drive. We watched a muntjac deer come through the hedge by the water trough and walk along the cottage side of the hedge munching the grass periodically until he got to the gap at which point he dived through and bounced across the second field to the far hedge. We also saw a barn owl which dropped into the corner of the field immediately the other side of the fence from the arched window! The owl dropped a couple more times into the field before going into the garden of the house at the end of the drive. It was all lovely to see.