Rhydd Barn

Repairs to wall of converted pigsty

Parts of the south wall of the converted pigsty have been gradually deteriorating as you can see from the above photos. So we had the damaged areas re-pointed including the replacement of a damaged or missing brick. The final result can be seen in the two photos below.

An electrical socket on the inside of that wall needed to be replaced and our builder also added some ventilation. See photo below.

Maintenance work on Rhydd Barn

Much of the scheduled maintenance work has been completed on Rhydd Barn. Recent sunny weather allowed the paintwork repairs on the exterior walls to be carried out. Also the old wooden bench on the patio has been treated with preservative. Some minor repairs inside the barn have also been done.

Spring-cleaning of the barn interior is now under way as we prepare to welcome guests once again after the current restrictions are relaxed on 12 April.

Below are a few photos taken by our wonderful maintenance man, Max, showing his work on the exterior.

Fence repair

The wooden fence along the Rhydd Barn entrance drive has been reinforced with the use of ‘grandfather’ concrete spurs. The grandfathers are short concrete posts fixed into the ground to which the wooden posts of the fence are attached. See our photographs below.

UPDATE: If you look very carefully you might spot the lead caps fitted to the top of each post to protect the open grain of the fence post tops from moisture ingress. We hope that our fence will now last for many years!

Rhydd Barn maintenance

We have been busy over the winter period with various maintenance works at Rhydd Barn. The converted stable to the north of the barn has been cleared out and decorated and our short-term plan is for guests to use it for secure storage (eg. for bicycles). Another water butt has been installed to help reduce mains water usage in the garden and on our patio plant containers. At the rear of the barn concrete has been added to fill in some small gaps and smoothen out the base of the stone wall. And, finally, the sewage treatment plant has been upgraded.

New entrance gate

The single wooden entrance gate to the barn was becoming difficult to open and close. We have now replaced it with two half gates, pictured above, which meet in the middle. These new gates should be much easier to use and will hopefully last longer.

Christmas 2015


The conifer tree at the entrance to Rhydd Barn has had its top removed and side branches pruned. Sheep have been grazing the meadow for a few weeks but have now departed. The Barn looked very attractive at Christmas with its decorated tree, side lights and banisters.

A few small repairs

Bathroom - towel railbathroom - mirror shelf

The photographs show that the towel rail in the bathroom, which had become unsafe, has now been replaced.

At the same time a new glass shelf was fitted under the mirror above the washbasin which is more securely attached to the wall.