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Our contact details (telephone number and address for booking enquiries) are available in the downloadable Brochure—click the Barn Brochure link on our ‘Downloads’ page. Our email address is info[at]rhyddbarn[dot]co[dot]uk.

The official postal address of Rhydd Barn is: Rhydd Farm Barn, The Rhydd, Hanley Castle, Worcester, WR8 0AG. Please do not use this address for booking enquiries! Our correspondence address is in Somerset. It is shown on our Booking Form and Brochure available on the ‘Downloads’ page.

Information about this website

Apart from the main ‘home’ page there are six other pages within this website.

The pictures web page is a gallery of recent photos taken in and around the barn and the location web page has a summary of highlights of the local area.

The availability web page features an up to date monthly calendar of weeks already booked.

The booking & prices web page lists the cost of a week’s stay in Rhydd Barn and instructions on how to make a booking enquiry and how to book a visit to the barn.

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The downloads web page contains links to pdf documents about Rhydd Barn including an accessibility guide and a summary of our most recent assessment by VisitEngland.

The news web page is a blog where we post occasional news items about the barn. For example, recent improvements we have made.

At the bottom of each page is a list of local interest and other web-links for your information.


This website is powered by WordPress (free software: open source/GPL), which is a relatively easy to use Content Management System (CMS) enabling easier creation of websites.

We are always looking to improve this website. Here are the some recent changes we have made:

  • We modified the website so that it appears in an appropriate format on smaller screens such as tablets and smartphones.
  • We recently (August 2020) introduced a quicker to use availability calendar with six-months-at-a-time view.
  • We changed the picture gallery viewing function (September 2020) by switching to a a better plugin.
  • We increased the size of the text and the spacing between text lines across the whole site to improve legibility.
  • We recently (August 2020) switched the hosting of this website to Krystal Hosting, and so far it is a much better web hosting company than our previous one. You should see increased page-loading speeds and a reduction in frustration (mostly for me).
  • Also in August 2020, we installed a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate on the website so that it now loads as https:// (rather than http://) and displays a padlock in the address bar showing it is a secure site. THis should also improve our Google search ranking.

For those interested in the technical side—and I have had to become very interested in it—we use the following WordPress plugins to add extra functionality:

  • Shades of Blue theme (very modified)
  • VR Calendar [free version] for displaying our bookings calendar
  • Meow Gallery and Meow Lightbox used on our ‘pictures’ web page and where ever multiple images are displayed [free versions again].
  • WP-Print to enable printable versions of single news posts
  • OSM OpenStreetMap plugin to create and display the location map
  • TablePress to create and display tables such as our booking tariff table
  • This website is now very happily hosted by Krystal Hosting.

Mini-icons used on the news page are courtesy of Pinvoke Diagona Icons (Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license).

We use the following software locally:

  • FileZilla Client (free software: open source/GPL) sometimes necessary for uploading files to our web host, Krystal Hosting.
  • Notepad++ text editor (free software: open source/GPL) to edit files (where necessary) in WordPress and its plugins.
  • XAMPP (free software: open source/GPL) to ‘host’ a local version of this site on our own computer so we can try out any changes or upgrades before committing them to the public web hosted site.
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