Rhydd Barn

Elgar Birthplace special offer

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We have arranged a special offer for visitors to Rhydd Barn: a 2-for-1 offer for admission to The Elgar Birthplace Museum in Lower Broadheath, north-west of Worcester. Special 2-for-1 vouchers and brochures for the museum are in the barn. With this offer the price of admission for two adults (normally £15) would be £7.50. Refer to the museum’s website for further information about the museum. The museum is about nine miles away from the barn.

News for September 2013

Evening Primrose

In the middle of the meadow at last an evening primrose is established. The grass at the back of the Barn (where a tree was cut down a couple of years ago) is growing well. I hope to start a log pile there to encourage invertebrates in the dip beyond the grass.

The west wall of the Barn has been painted and the inside wall was treated and painted where a small patch of damp had appeared by the first floor window.

A new cleaner/caretaker has started to look after Rhydd Barn replacing Nat Halfpenny who has left to have a baby. Our new cleaner is the wife of the gardener who has been looking after the grounds for a few years.

People have continued to enjoy their stay at the Barn—many of them repeat customers.

Our 2-for-1 offer to visit Elgar’s birthplace at Broadchurch is very popular.