Rhydd Barn

Wifi at Rhydd Barn at last!

We are pleased to announce that the wifi service in Rhydd Barn is now working—at last! We hope that our guests will find this useful. The wifi password will be included in our instruction leaflet (sent to all visitors before their stay) and it will also be included in the information folder at the barn.

Website upgrade

Apologies to anyone who has tried to access this site during the last couple of days. After a change of server and a necessary upgrade to a few of the applications which run the site we are almost back up and running as before! The site should be faster to access and more responsive now. Otherwise, apart from a few new images, nothing much else has changed.


Upgraded WordPress to 2.9.1. Everything appears to be OK.


Finally got around to doing these upgrades:

  • Upgraded Highslide plugin from 4.1.7 to 4.1.8—everything seems to be working OK.
  • Upgraded WordPress from 2.8.5 to 2.8.6—everything seems to be working OK.
  • NextGEN Gallery plugin upgraded via WordPress. After a  NextGEN Gallery (NGG) upgrade, we needed to adjust a NGG css file to better display the thumbnails page.
  • Syntax Highlighter plugin upgraded via WordPress.

Downloading problem solved

Actually, regarding the rather smug tone of my previous post, it turns out there were problems…

We had a message from someone who could not download our Booking Form PDF file. On investigation, I discovered that none of the download links were working! Something to do with access being denied to the files.

This particular problem had occurred before with NextGEN Gallery and Highslide—the image gallery and viewing plugins. After a day’s frustrating fine-tooth combing of the code I found that the solution was not in the code. The answer seemed to be to create the directory and upload files using the FTP Client (Filezilla in our case) rather than using the onboard WordPress/NextGEN Gallery functions. Then everything seemed to work as expected.

So, using Filezilla, I created a ‘downloads’ directory and uploaded the PDFs into it. To my relief, the problem was solved.

I am sure anyone with even a basic knowledge of web servers and access permissions could explain what I did there and why it worked. Please feel free to add a comment and enlighten me as my host’s FAQs do not use sufficiently simple language and are, in my opinion, lacking something (a layout that works in a browser other than Internet Explorer for starters!).

WordPress upgrade

Upgraded to WordPress 2.8.5. No problems.