Rhydd Barn

In memory of Summer, 2007-2022

Visitors to Rhydd Barn will know Summer, the Labrador cross. She lived at Rhydd Farm next door to the Barn. The sad news is that Summer died on Sunday 30 January. Here is a recent photograph of her on the Barn patio and, below, a poem I have just written about her.

Summer - 12 January 2022
Summer – 12 January 2022

In Memory of Summer

(Who died Sunday January 30th 2022)

A frequent visitor to Rhydd Barn
Always a friendly face made one feel at home.
Door ajar, an entry made
Investigating areas inside
Crumbs of food an added temptation.

A companion over the years
For fifteen years of our lives.
Incident recalled: aggressive attack
Met with bravery and retaliation.
No soft dog this
Though first impression may think so.

A survivor despite many setbacks.
In youth high energy and strength.
In old age calmness and resilience.
Tolerant always of individual behaviour
Children’s over-exuberance
Retiring to her secret place to find peace.

Her passing brings sadness
A constant link with my life
Through the many changes to overcome.

Rosemary Boaz
February 5th 2022