Rhydd Barn

Rhydd Barn maintenance

This is the time of year when we can get any less urgent and ongoing maintenance jobs done on the Barn. For example, some of our current works include:

  • The clearwater sewage treatment plant has been serviced and is aerating well—a new compressor was fitted last summer
  • Two fire extinguishers have been replaced: one foam and one powder extinguisher
  • Paintwork, both inside and outside, will be touched up when the weather conditions improve plus exterior wall repointing in places
  • Our latest round of Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) has been done on all electrical appliances in the Barn
  • The annual gas boiler and gas cooking hob service has been booked for early March 2021
  • we acquired two new outdoor chairs for the patio last summer

A few photos below showing repairs needed and a nice sunny one of our new outdoor chairs:

We hope to post a few ‘after’ photos later to show the Barn restored to its full glory!