Rhydd Barn

Recent improvements at Rhydd Barn

patio flower pots
Flower pots on the patio

We have been busy maintaining the barn over last few months. Here are some of the things we have done:

  • A new Accessibility Guide has been produced with photographs and measurements added to help visitors’ understanding of accommodation at Rhydd Barn.
  • The white paint of the exterior walls has been touched up where necessary and also the paintwork inside the barn.
  • The flower pots, baskets, and small garden at the entrance to Rhydd Barn have been refreshed with new plants. Also, new gravel added between the plants in the entrance garden.
  • There are new attractive trays in the kitchen and on the shelf in the bathroom. Also a new pan holder in the kitchen.
  • There is a new mattress and new duvet cover on the bed.
  • We have purchased a new ‘smart’ television (see separate post for more details).
  • Three new plug-in night lights have been provided.
  • The exterior lighting had been adjusted so it stays on for a longer period when going outside the barn at night.
  • Antibacterial hand-wash is now supplied as standard. This may prove to be necessary in the future when are able to welcome guests to Rhydd Barn once again.
entrance garden
Entrance garden