Rhydd Barn

New items for Rhydd Barn

Examples of some of the new items we have purchased

During, on our own recent (August 2019) stay in Rhydd Barn, we took the opportunity to add or update some of the items in the Barn.

The current fridge is rather small so we purchased another, second, fridge for the Barn which is located in the pigsty next to the freezer.

We replaced some smaller kitchen items which were worn or not working so well. There is now a new kettle, toaster, omelette pan, tin opener, and a new set of downstairs drinks’ coasters.

We have ordered a small ‘compost caddy’ to place on the kitchen work surface for easier disposal of waste food for organic recycling. We hope to have this in place within a week or so.

We purchased a couple of USB charging plugs and recently replaced the carbon monoxide detectors.

We also now have two plug-in night lights which switch on automatically when it is dark.

Outside we modified the flower bed by the entrance gate to the Barn, replacing some plants and using Malvern stone to make it more like a small rockery.