Rhydd Barn

Rhydd Barn update

IN RESPONSE to guest requests we have installed two USB charging sockets in the Barn for your phones, tablets, etc—one downstairs in the kitchen/dining area and the other in the upstairs living room.

There is a new suitcase stand stored at the bottom of the bedroom wardrobe and spare blankets are now stored in a protective bag (as recommended at our last inspection). A second shoe and boot tray has been added downstairs.

Plant pots replanted on patio

Outside, we have filled the flower tubs and baskets with completely fresh compost and replanted them. We think something in the soil was negatively affecting their growth last year.

Flower baskets replanted on pigsty

All gutters and down-pipes are being re-painted with Hammerite metal paint, as is the handrail of the Barn’s outside steps.

Guests have already expressed their appreciation of the new mattress on the bed and the champagne flutes.