Rhydd Barn

News for September 2013

Evening Primrose

In the middle of the meadow at last an evening primrose is established. The grass at the back of the Barn (where a tree was cut down a couple of years ago) is growing well. I hope to start a log pile there to encourage invertebrates in the dip beyond the grass.

The west wall of the Barn has been painted and the inside wall was treated and painted where a small patch of damp had appeared by the first floor window.

A new cleaner/caretaker has started to look after Rhydd Barn replacing Nat Halfpenny who has left to have a baby. Our new cleaner is the wife of the gardener who has been looking after the grounds for a few years.

People have continued to enjoy their stay at the Barn—many of them repeat customers.

Our 2-for-1 offer to visit Elgar’s birthplace at Broadchurch is very popular.