Rhydd Barn

Landscaping around Rhydd Barn

The small garden by the side of the entrance drive to Rhydd Barn has been re-landscaped with interesting plants surrounded by wood chips on the soil to suppress weeds and retain moisture. A new clematis has been planted in a pot at the back of the patio by the converted pigsty which should climb up the wall and around the trellis above. The fields in front of the barn have been cut for hay and bales made (see photos) resulting in a change in the landscape.Hay bales

Four Star Gold Award for Rhydd Barn

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We are very pleased to announce that Rhydd Barn has, again, been awarded a rating of Four Stars with a Gold Award in recognition of exceptional quality within its star rating. Quality in Tourism, the assessment service for VisitEngland (previously the English Tourist Board), inspect star rated properties every year to ensure that standards meet their strict criteria. Here is are the highlights of their report:


  • The new gate provides easier access to the site and a new sign has been fitted. Fencing has been strengthened.
  • Investment has included the replacement of the arch window on the ground floor and blown glass has been removed. Wi-fi is a new addition for the property and will be appreciated by guests.
  • The public area space provided is very flexible and is offered across three floors.
  • In the public areas the wooden flooring to the first floor has been improved and the new rug presents well. The new standard lamp is a useful addition.
  • An excellent ratio of bathroom facilities is provided.
  • The kitchen has excellent flooring and lighting is also well positioned within this area.
  • The content of the guest information continues to be exceptional.
  • Great cleanliness standards were noted throughout the accommodation.

This has only been possible with the help of our cleaner, our gardener and Rosemary’s sister Andrea. Many thanks to them for making sure that Rhydd Barn is a clean and attractive place to stay.

Wifi at Rhydd Barn at last!

We are pleased to announce that the wifi service in Rhydd Barn is now working—at last! We hope that our guests will find this useful. The wifi password will be included in our instruction leaflet (sent to all visitors before their stay) and it will also be included in the information folder at the barn.

Wi-fi at Rhydd Barn—but not yet (two months since placing the order)

Many of our guests have asked us for a Wi-Fi service at Rhydd Barn. We are pleased to inform you that broadband and wi-fi will be installed within the next week or so. We hope that—if all goes smoothly—Wi-Fi should be up and running in the Rhydd Barn by mid April. A password for the wi-fi will be supplied in the guest information folder. [This post was originally written 6 April 2016]

UPDATE (24 May 2016). Unfortunately, until today, neither Plusnet nor BT had succeeded in connecting us to a broadband service! Annoyingly, we had to wait ages for Plusnet even to answer the phone (20 minutes usually)—and we were subjected to raucous ‘music’. which sounded especially awful from our telephone’s speaker, whilst we waited on the line…  Today we finally have a telephone line that works (the latest thing was that mice had chewed a cable). So, now all we have to do is to connect the router… We hope this won’t take too long—but an error message came up when we tried this afternoon, so it’s back to the dreaded Plusnet tomorrow and another long wait on the line…

We apologise to our recent guests who were expecting a wi-fi service.

Elgar Museum half price offer

This year we are again offering half price entry vouchers to the Elgar Birthplace Museum.  The usual adult entry price is £7.50 per person so two people could save that! The museum includes the beautiful cottage where Elgar was born (pictured above), the visitor centre with displays about Elgar’s life and music, and also two gardens: a beautiful cottage garden and the Jubilee Family Garden where you can sit, relax, and even enjoy a picnic. The museum is around 20 minutes’ drive from the barn.

Much of Elgar’s music was inspired by the Malvern Hills where he used to go for long walks—the very hills you can clearly see in all their beauty from Rhydd Barn.

New entrance gate

The single wooden entrance gate to the barn was becoming difficult to open and close. We have now replaced it with two half gates, pictured above, which meet in the middle. These new gates should be much easier to use and will hopefully last longer.

New items for the barn


We have purchased a standard lamp for the upstairs living room to allow more flexible lighting options—it is especially good for reading.

Also, a new small carpet, shown in the picture (right), to give a little more floor coverage. It is placed in front of the the french window.

Christmas 2015


The conifer tree at the entrance to Rhydd Barn has had its top removed and side branches pruned. Sheep have been grazing the meadow for a few weeks but have now departed. The Barn looked very attractive at Christmas with its decorated tree, side lights and banisters.

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