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Upgraded WordPress to 2.9.1. Everything appears to be OK.

Removal of ash tree

Sadly, we have had to remove an ash tree which has been growing in ‘the dingle’ behind the barn. It was growing so close to the barn that it needed cutting back regularly to avoid branches touching the bedroom window and overhanging the roof.

The tree was cut down, section by section, by the son of one of Rosemary’s cousins. Most of the timber will be used for firewood. Some branches were carefully stacked to one side of the dingle to make a habitat for invertebrates such as beetles.

Having removed the tree, the whole space behind the barn is opened out and much lighter.

New washing machine

A new washing machine was installed in the barn on Friday 13 November.

It was bought from DAR (Malvern) Ltd., 101-105 Worcester Road, Link Top, Malvern,  WR14 1EP. They were very helpful: helping us to choose an appropriate machine and also installing it in the barn and taking the old machine machine. It is a Bosch WAA24171GB model which is exclusive to independent shops like DAR and also John Lewis.


Finally got around to doing these upgrades:

  • Upgraded Highslide plugin from 4.1.7 to 4.1.8—everything seems to be working OK.
  • Upgraded WordPress from 2.8.5 to 2.8.6—everything seems to be working OK.
  • NextGEN Gallery plugin upgraded via WordPress. After a  NextGEN Gallery (NGG) upgrade, we needed to adjust a NGG css file to better display the thumbnails page.
  • Syntax Highlighter plugin upgraded via WordPress.

Washing machine not working

Our news pages are just so thrilling! It seems the washing machine in the barn is broken down and would cost as much to repair as buying a new one. In the meantime, alternative arrangements have been put in place so that washing can be done in another machine in a nearby building on the site. We hope to fit a new machine in November.

Downloading problem solved

Actually, regarding the rather smug tone of my previous post, it turns out there were problems…

We had a message from someone who could not download our Booking Form PDF file. On investigation, I discovered that none of the download links were working! Something to do with access being denied to the files.

This particular problem had occurred before with NextGEN Gallery and Highslide—the image gallery and viewing plugins. After a day’s frustrating fine-tooth combing of the code I found that the solution was not in the code. The answer seemed to be to create the directory and upload files using the FTP Client (Filezilla in our case) rather than using the onboard WordPress/NextGEN Gallery functions. Then everything seemed to work as expected.

So, using Filezilla, I created a ‘downloads’ directory and uploaded the PDFs into it. To my relief, the problem was solved.

I am sure anyone with even a basic knowledge of web servers and access permissions could explain what I did there and why it worked. Please feel free to add a comment and enlighten me as my host’s FAQs do not use sufficiently simple language and are, in my opinion, lacking something (a layout that works in a browser other than Internet Explorer for starters!).

WordPress upgrade

Upgraded to WordPress 2.8.5. No problems.

New website for Rhydd Barn

We have now finished uploading and testing this new website for Rhydd Barn. It is still a work in progress but the main content from the old site is now all included. This  new site went ‘live’ on Tuesday, 20 October 2009.

We have installed WordPress to run the site which gives us a lot more functionality. The old site was basically a hand coded ‘home page’ of the type common in the earlier days of the web. We can now more easily edit the site, add news items and pictures and have our own availability calendar. We would love, in time, to add pages about the history and reconstruction of Rhydd Barn and much more local information, including our favourite walks and places to visit.

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