Rhydd Barn

Four Star Gold Award maintained for 2013-2014

Rhydd Barn ground floor

“Spacious kitchen, excellent flooring and lighting and very good level of equipment”

Rhydd Barn recently had its yearly assessment VisitEngland and we were very pleased to continue to achieve a Four Star award for self-catering and a Gold Award for high quality standards; also we continued to achieve the Speciality Award ‘Walkers Welcome’. The inspection was carried out on 19 April 2013.  Here are some highlights from the report:

  • “The property enjoys an very good location with excellent views”
  • “The provision of space is unique with an excellent choice of bathroom facilities”
  • “The guest information within the unit is extensive and well presented”
  • “Very good levels of cleanliness were observed”
  • “The kitchen has a very good range of equipment in a spacious area and has excellent flooring and lighting”

The assessor stressed that to maintain this award long-term maintenance and development are important. She suggested some changes and improvements which we will implement during this year.